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Planets light up Vancouver's sky

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The sun went down last night and the moon rose, with Mars and Venus brightly shining.

Derrick Kief, astronomer at the HR MacMillan Space Centre says both the planets are in conjunction this weekend, meaning they’re very close together.

He says the last time this happened was in 2008. “They are fairly infrequent, we do have a bunch of conjunctions this year. We actually have a triple conjunction coming up in a couple of months where it’s going to be Venus, Mars and Jupiter, so that is definitely something to look forward to.”

“There actually was Uranus up there as well, but you just can’t see it,” he explains. “And if you went 180 degrees and looked at the other region of the night sky you’d actually see Jupiter, right before sunrise you can also see Saturn out right now so all the planets are kind of debuting themselves right now which is really cool.”

If you missed last night’s incredible display, you can catch another viewing Saturday night.