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Big and bouncy! Bubble Ball rolls into Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The thrill of victory… the soft, bouncy agony of defeat!

All the human drama of athletic competition is playing out on fields across Metro Vancouver as more people embrace the new sport (and we use the term loosely) of Bubble Ball.

Imagine squeezing into a giant, soft, inflatable bubble so only your legs are sticking out the bottom and then running around and trying to bash everyone else on the field silly.

Sound fun?

“It is! And it’s a really great work out as well,” says Cherelle Solomon, General Manager of Bubble Ball Vancouver.  “You just run around, play games and get to hit people,” she laughs.

By ‘hit’ she means bounce, squish and roll, meaning it’s pretty much impossible to get hurt as teams play what’s basically a game of full-contact soccer.

Bubble Ball Vancouver will host games in any field, park or gym and has become popular at birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and even corporate events.

“It’s funny, our age range seems to be 25-to-34 year olds, though we do get some 12-to-13 year olds,” says Solomon.  “Everybody loves it.”

Bubble Ball seems to have originated in Europe before picking up popularity in China and migrating to North America.

You can book a game for less than $20 per person, including referees, scoreboard and even a sound system.