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Former RCMP spokeswoman frustrated by another delay in sexual harassment trial

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A court delay means the frustration continues for a former RCMP spokeswoman who was the first to file a sexual harassment claim against the force.

Catherine Galliford says the post-traumatic stress has become hard to handle. “I think about it every day.”

The trial was supposed to start February 16th, but Galliford says the judge felt it was going to take more time in court than they had originally put aside.

“I’m waiting for closure, I’m just waiting for a resolution to this and so far that has not [happened].”

She’s technically still with the force as she continues to wait for a medical discharge.

“One of the things that I’ve asked for is, I would like to go to a PTSD recovery group, and one of the things I’ve been told by the group is that I’m not treatable as long as I’m attached to the RCMP.

Galliford’s lawsuit against the feds, province and several officers claims years of abuse, including sex assaults, intimidation and harassment.

There are other lawsuits now against the force from women with similar accusations.

“I received the PTSD as a direct result of harassment within the RCMP,” claims Galliford. So what I’m asking them for is to acknowledge the fact that I have PTSD…I would like the RCMP to help me find new tools to deal with it on a day to day level.”