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Vancouver has the most expensive gas in North America: expert

NEWS1130 (VANCOUVER) – So much for a long term break in gas prices. Vancouver now has the highest price per litre on the continent according to Gasbuddy.com. The average price now sits at $1.319 per litre.

The amount of taxes charged in Metro Vancouver isn’t helping, but it’s not the main reason we pay the most. Dan McTeague with Gasbuddy says drivers in Montreal now pay the most in taxes.

He says it’s a slow down in production among west coast refineries that has really pumped prices up. “There has been a series of refinery disruptions, planned and unplanned, that has really crimped supply throughout most of the west coast and of course, that has affected prices in Vancouver. Add labour strife to that and a weaker Canadian dollar. That’s important because we import all of our gasoline using US values and all energy prices are in US terms.”

McTeague expects things to level out when supply gets going again and settle down between $1.20 and $1.25 per litre. He says it’s hard to look too far into the future, but he doesn’t expect another summer of $1.50 per litre prices.

“No, I don’t see that happening, unless several refineries shut down at the same time… If refineries can get back to doing what they normally do, and that’s to operate, over the next several weeks you’ll see prices moderate.”