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Hundreds gather in Vancouver to protest Bill C-51

Protesters gather outside Vancouver Art Gallery

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A mixed crowd consisting of hundreds have gathered in Vancouver to protest the Harper government’s anti-terror bill. This is all part of a nation-wide movement.

Vancouver’s rally, which started outside the Art Gallery, is the biggest one happening in BC.

While the crowd has been diverse, most people have had the same thing in mind. They feel Bill C-51 threatens their own privacy and rights.

“Expressing our ideas and our religions and our values and it’s really important to share that,” says this student.

“I don’t like the idea that if you’re protesting anything you can be watched,” says one man.

Others say terrorism is not that big of an issue in Canada so this bill is completely unnecessary.

“I rather have a more open state instead of it being driven by fear on terrorism,” says one woman.

“We have enough powers to go after terrorism,” says another man.

If passed the bill would give more power to Canada’s spy agency and enable police to easier detain terror suspects.