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X-Files "Smoking Man" talks six-episode reboot

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – FOX has made it official, The X-Files is coming back to the small-screen for at least six episodes.

But will the iconic shot-in-Vancouver show come back to the “wet coast”?

In our search for the truth, we contacted the infamous arch-villain of the show, The Smoking Man.

“All I know for sure is that they are going to do it and they have checked to see if I’m available,” says William B. Davis, who portrayed the antagonist to Special Agent Fox Mulder’s protagonist for nine seasons, starting in 1993.

“They haven’t actually offered me anything at this point, but they seem to want to know if I’m available.”

Davis would be “thrilled to bits” to reprise the role and everything that went along with it.

“The circumstances, the scenes, the set, the characters, it would be terrific to do it again,” he tells News1130.

“The whole ambience of the show, the crew, the directors from Chris Carter down were so positive and exciting that it was just a joy to be a part of.”

As for whether The X-Files will once again use Metro Vancouver as its grey and gloomy backdrop, Davis believes it will happen.

“I understand that they have engaged a Vancouver casting director, the same one they had before, and my understanding is that they are going to shoot here in Vancouver.”

But in typical Smoking Man fashion, he doesn’t end on a definitive note.

“Of course nothing I say should be guaranteed!”