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Third and final sex abuse claim against John Furlong dismissed

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A judge has dismissed the third and final sex abuse case against John Furlong, who was the VANOC chief executive.

The man who made this set of accusations, Daniel Morice, did not make the trip down to Vancouver from Prince Rupert to state his case against Furlong, who he accused of sexually abusing him nearly 40 years ago.

Furlong spoke briefly outside of court today and will make a full statement tomorrow.

“Obviously I’m very pleased that today is over. This was a very emotional day. I’m not going to make a statement now, I have a family that’s waiting to hear from me,” he explains.

Furlong’s lawyers had detailed for the court Morice’s extensive criminal record of 53 convictions that include kidnapping, document forgery, and break and enter.

“It’s not a satisfactory conclusion but it’s the best we can do in the circumstances,” explains Furlong’s Lawyer William Smart.

Furlong has vehemently denied the claims related to when he was a teacher at a Roman Catholic school in northern BC, starting in the late 1960s. Last month, a judge threw out a separate sexual abuse claim against Furlong by Grace West after Beverly Abraham dropped her lawsuit in December.