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Kitsilano Coast Guard would've responded to English Bay fuel spill within minutes: former commander

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Ten minutes or less.

That would have been the response time to the English Bay fuel spill if the Kits Coast Guard was still open, according to its former commander.

“If the call was at 5 o’clock, the crew would have been alerted and because it’s in our backyard, it’s just a jump out in the fast-response boat and they would’ve been on scene in minutes,” explains Fred Moxy.

In response to the Coast Guard saying 80 per cent of the fuel has been recovered, Moxy says that’s highly unlikely.

“Sometimes miracles happen, but the spills that I’ve been on, usually you can collect about 10 per cent of it, 30 per cent tops. It’s either evaporates or goes to the bottom.”

Moxy says what makes that figure even harder to believe, is the fact the spill had gone though a complete tide change. “Six and a half hours of tide either going up or down. So, now you already have all that material in the water moving around to different locations.”

He adds the Kits Coast Guard was fully equipped to respond to the spill. “On-site of the station there was 750 feet of boom, on the pollution patrol boat there was 1,000 feet, and up at Fisherman’s Wharf, in addition, we used to store a container with another 750 feet of boom.”

Moxy says he highly doubts the Conservative government will reverse its decision and re-open the base.