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Toronto councillor says cameras will make drivers brake at stop signs

TORONTO (NEWS1130) – We’ve all seen it: a car in front of us, blasting through a stop sign as if it wasn’t there. In some cases, that decision can have tragic consequences.

A Toronto city councillor says he has a plan that he says will make drivers hit the brake: video cameras.

“It takes this video and then you get a notice in the mail and you actually get a link to a secure website, and you can watch yourself going through the stop sign,” describes John Burnside.

He explains the idea is to make it more likely someone will get caught, saying that’s when behaviour will change.

Burnside says “randomness” is an important part of the idea.

“What I mean by that is having the ability to move cameras around, so there’s a high likelihood of you getting caught and you just don’t know where they are.”

As for privacy concerns, Burnside says there is no picture of the driver, so there shouldn’t be a concern.

Toronto Council is set to vote next month on whether to put together a task force that would look into the technology.