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Vancouver City Council to review English Bay fuel spill tomorrow

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – What have we learned so far, and how has it all been handled?

Nearly one week after thousands of litres of fuel spilled from a cargo ship in English Bay, local politicians are set to review the City of Vancouver’s response.

City Manager Penny Ballem will be bringing a report to council tomorrow; events from the spill right up until tomorrow morning will be looked at, along with lessons learned up to that point.

Mayor Gregor Robertson has been speaking about the need for better communication between all parties involved.

“I think there’s going to be a lot more direct communication happening between all of the partners in an emergency response like this. And I expect over the coming days, we’re gonna see a new protocol for that emerge.”

He adds, “the unified command team has worked very well together these last two days. I think it does take time to pull a new team together. We’ve never had an incident quite like this in Vancouver. So, we have room for improvement, but I think all the partners are committed to that.”

Robertson expects there will be reviews of everything that’s happened by all the partners involved, adding the City wants feedback from you.

He’s complementing the work of the Coast Guard and the other teams that have been working over the last few days.

“There’s been great work done to go after the spill and make sure the cleanup was in place, and making sure that the residue is being dealt with,” says Robertson.

He says there are still cleaning crews on the North Shore, as well as in Downtown Vancouver.

Robertson adds there has been a lot of cooperation between his city and West Vancouver in identifying where the oil moved to, and local teams supporting clean-up crews that the Coast Guard and their contractors are working with.