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Protect your home from criminals ahead of summer


Police have some tips on how to protect your place from burglars

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As we get closer to those hot summer days, criminals may be waiting for you to open up all of your windows at home.

West Vancouver Police Chief, Len Goerke advises talking to your neighbours. “Knowing who they are and letting them know when you are going to be gone for a period of a time and the house is going to sit empty and vice versa.”

Next, he says to take some pictures of your stuff. “Having a record of your valuable items I think is really important and really helpful to police.”¬†Goerke notes the design of your yard may actually make your home more attractive for a thief. “Having high hedges or a lot of growth so people can’t see if there is somebody suspicious.”

He explains last year averaged about eight residential break-ins a month. “A residential break-in is in my view the most serious kind of property crime because of the emotional impact it has on victims.”

Georke¬†says that’s because many of us feel secure at home. “When some stranger comes in and goes through our drawers and our cupboards and often leaves with things that is very precious to us and also very valuable to us we feel very violated.”

Preventing break-ins is one of the top priorities this year for West Vancouver Police.