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Christy Clark calls class size and composition ruling 'unambiguous'

Last Updated Apr 30, 2015 at 12:30 pm PST

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BC's premier and education minister urging teachers to put the past behind them

'Its a chance for us to focus on what's best for kids,' says BC's premier

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Both the premier and the education minister are urging teachers to put the past behind them in the wake of today’s BC Court of Appeal ruling on class size and composition.

Judges ruled the province was within its rights to remove those issues in teacher’ collective bargaining.

Christy Clark calls the court decision “clear and unambiguous,” and says this, plus the six-year agreement reached with teachers, is an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted.

“It’s a chance for us to focus on doing what’s really best for kids and for students, by working together,” says Clark.

“For way too long, decisions in education have been principally determined by fights between adults, and my view has always been that the education system will work better for teachers and for students, and for citizens, if we find a way to put the disputes of adults behind us,”¬†she says.

She says today’s BC Court of Appeal ruling presents a “unique opportunity.”

“The question for us all is ‘What will we do with that opportunity?’ I think we should take this opportunity to put disputes behind us and work together.”

Listen to Clark’s full comments:

Peter Fassbender
says this allows both sides to focus on the things that matter.

“Today is another step where we can lay down the gauntlet to each other and say ‘We’re going to focus on student outcomes, we’re going to focus on the future of education.’ We’re going to build on a system that is great, and has the ability to continue to move forward in a very fast-moving world.”

“While we’re pleased with the ruling… we recognize our significant responsibility to teachers, to students, to parents, and taxpayers to move forward in a positive way,” adds Fassbender.

Both Fassbender and Clark say the government will take some time to study the 119-page ruling.

The BCTF says it will take today’s decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.