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Companies trying to protect their brand by registering .sucks


You've heard of .com, .org but how about .sucks? Yes, it's a real thing

A company is accepting registrations for the domain name .sucks

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You’ve heard of .com, .org but how about .sucks?¬†Yes, it’s a real thing, and it’s bringing in a lot of money for one company.

Vox Populi Registry has been accepting registrations for a little over a month from celebrities and corporations before the public can apply. TaylorSwift.sucks and YouTube.sucks are among the names that have been bought.

But rather than $10 or $12, the recommended charge is $2500 and paying means someone with a big name gets to protect their brand.

Vox Populi CEO John Berard insists the business is not a shakedown. “There is incredible value inherent in the names, and that forward thinking companies, in the year 2015, if they’re not thinking about the edgy nature of being heard, may be missing a beat, if not the boat entirely.”

He adds, the word, “sucks” has long been a pejorative, calling it a rallying cry or point of emphasis.

“And so the question then is, when you think about how over time, consumers have not only felt able to speak to the companies that they partner with, but expecting that they’ll be heard, I think that the .sucks top-level domain represents an extraordinary opportunity.”

Berard says the domain name is meant as a place for companies and their critics to communicate.