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Tories losing support amongst older voters in BC: Poll

Last Updated May 13, 2015 at 11:15 am PST

Stephen Harper (May, 2015) (File Photo)

New numbers find older generations are leaning towards the NDP and not the Tories

Pollster thinks the NDP should capitalize on recent election win in Alberta

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the most popular party leader, according to Insights West

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A new poll today finds the Conservative government is losing support in this province and in one of their key demographics.  Supporters age 55 and up seem to be leaning more toward the NDP, according to numbers from Insights West.

The pollster’s Mario Canseco says the Tories are losing touch with older generations which are also the most likely to show up at the polls.  And given the recent NDP win in Alberta, he adds the new Democrats should be jumping on it.

“One of the lessons here for the NDP federally is if you really want to win seats, you need to court those voters to really get that over 55 crowd that usually tends to vote for either of the two major parties and insist that they take a look at the NDP.”

He explains the numbers are a bit of a surprise, given older generations have largely been supporting the Conservatives since the 2004 election.

“And we’re starting to see some cracks in that foundation, many residents over the age of 55, who are looking at the NDP as an option — and if those numbers hold then there could be some seats up for grabs.”

In Metro Vancouver, the Tories and NDP are actually tied at 32 per cent support with the Liberals trailing slightly behind.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper leads as most popular leader, followed by Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May who is far behind.