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Two charged after attempting to bribe driving test examiner

Last Updated May 14, 2015 at 3:48 pm PDT

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ICBC says bribing a driving test examiner is not something that happens often

Driving test examiners are trained on how to bribes according to ICBC

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – Two people in Richmond accused of trying to bribe their driving test examiner have been charged. ICBC says it’s not something that happens very often.

In these two cases, the drivers have been charged with trying to bribe a government official. ICBC had nine reports of someone trying to bribe their examiner last year. That’s out of 500,000 tests administered.

Adam Grossman with the insurance corporation says examiners are trained on how to handle this. “In most cases there will be cash that’s offered to an examiner so they’re actually instructed to keep that cash and return to the office and report the incident to their manager. The manager then takes over and instruct the customer that their behaviour is unacceptable, that they’ve failed their road test, their money will not be refunded and it’s going to be passed on to an investigative officer for taking things further.”

Back in 2008, the operator of a Richmond driving school was sentenced to over two years in prison for paying bribes to get his new immigrant students licenses. Grossman says there’s no evidence to suggest any scams of this size are still happening.

He adds they do check in with examiners from time to time. “Their overall conduct is observed on the road. There are checks and balances in place for both that the road test itself is being conducted in a fair manner and that would include anything that happens pre-test or post test.”