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Some people have sense of entitlement when it comes to Vancouver housing: architect

Last Updated May 26, 2015 at 6:18 am PDT

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Architect and planner believes many are "unrealistic" and have sense of "entitlement" in finding housing

Michael Geller suggests young families should consider living outside of the Lower Mainland

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Should everyone be able to live in Vancouver?

This question is raised after Sunday’s “I don’t have a million” rally which brought out hundreds of people who support the need for more affordable housing. A Vancouver architect and planner believes a lot of people are “unrealistic” when it comes to where they want to live.

Michael Geller knows that affordable housing is an issue in the city but thinks some younger people have a “sense of entitlement.”
“Many people are not prepared to share; they’re not prepared to share an apartment. I know it won’t be popular for me to say this, but indeed I think there is a sense of entitlement that people have somehow got.”

He is all for finding solutions, but thinks some people need to scale down their housing goals.

“I do not think that first time home buyers should feel that they should be able to buy a brand new house just like most people do not feel they should be able to buy a brand new car as their first car.”

He thinks people need to consider a smaller space, possibly pre-owned without granite counter tops and brand new fixtures.
He also suggests house hunters should look to cities outside of the Lower Mainland like Trail, the Sunshine Coast or another small community on Vancouver Island.