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Is there a skeleton in your closet? Or maybe just eyeballs?

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News1130' Mike Lloyd is On the Offbeat, hearing about junk crews finding a jar of glass eyeballs

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Do you have a junk drawer, a closet or maybe an entire room where you just toss all your extraneous stuff?

With spring cleaning season well underway, a junk removal service is revealing some the oddest items it has ever found packed away in the recesses of some homes.

“It’s amazing some of things guys find when cleaning out basements and garages,” says Mike Thorne, CEO of Just Junk.

“I think some of the weirdest ones include one of our truck teams finding a jar of glass eyeballs while cleaning out a doctor’s office. That was a little bit scary for them,” he tells News1130.

So, was the complete human skeleton they found at another house (wired together for display, not eternal rest)?

“That was obviously fairly unpleasant for the truck team when they discovered that,” he chuckles.

Other unusual finds include World War II tank shells and a bomb, an 800-pound vault door and 2,000 pounds of Jack Daniels whisky bottles (empty).

Add a circular bed, a stuffed porcupine fish, and 15 truckloads of bingo dabbers and it sounds like party!

But perhaps the oddest find was an entire basement packed full of individually labelled tree branches.

“There are a lot of people out there who become attached to certain types of objects,” says Thorne.

“Obviously, this person liked to go hiking and collect branches and twigs that they thought were shaped into unique, identifiable images of things people could recognize. Every little tree branch had a name or nickname and it was a sea of twigs.”

Everyone needs a hobby.