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Mom doesn't think new rules for party buses go far enough to prevent drinking


The province has some new rules for party buses and limos as grad season approaches

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With grad season upon us, the province is touting its new rules for party buses and limos when it comes to drinking on board.

It says 71 new licenses have been handed out for 195 vehicles and those permits can be suspended or cancelled if operators don’t comply with regulations.

When asked how the province plans to enforce the no drinking rule, Transportation Minister Todd Stone had this to say. “If there are operators who are willingly condoning this, they’re going to get caught. Law enforcement will be doing inspections, there will be a heightened enforcement campaign over the graduation season.”

He acknowledges some people will try to sneak alcohol on board but says passengers can also face fines.

Julie Raymond’s daughter died after drinking and doing drugs on board a party bus in 2008 and while she feels this is a step in the right direction, she doesn’t think its good enough. She is renewing her calls for an independent chaperone on board. She has met with Stone about this but says it doesn’t seem likely to happen soon.

“Mr. Stone is coming from a place of education…and law enforcement. So the government isn’t in a place right now where they feel comfortable stepping toward mandatory chaperones,” she explains.

While some states are now bringing in the chaperone rule, Stone suggested it’s not needed here because BC doesn’t condone alcohol in any type of vehicle.

The new rules also include forbidding party bus and limo companies from having alcohol in advertising.