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Heritage group members cringe at marked trees in Green Timbers

Last Updated Jun 4, 2015 at 11:46 pm PDT

The Fraser Highway cuts through Green Timbers (Googlemaps)

A heritage group says the City of Surrey is 'ludicrous' for going ahead with its plans to cut down trees within popular

Green Timbers is being chipped away, says heritage group.

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – Crews along the Fraser Highway in Surrey are beginning to mark the trees that will need to be removed as the highway gets widened.

But the Green Timbers Heritage Society, which advocates for the 560-acre park that straddles the highway, is appealing to the city to reconsider the plans.

“We are going to hell in a hand basket if this goes,” says director Deanna Welters.

Although the city doesn’t know how many trees will need to be cut down, Welters says plans to add lanes and a pathway for light rapid transit will destroy thousands.

“The whole thing is ludicrous because they’re removing trees in anticipation of more car use. That is the complete anti-thesis of anything that reflects sustainability or air quality improvement.”

She says development has slowly eroded the park.

“The widening of 96 Avenue, the widening of 100 Avenue, the construction of the Jimmy Pattison Outpatient Care Centre, the new RCMP E Division. All these things are taking away chunks of what should be a nature reserve.”

The city insists most of the marked trees fall outside the boundaries of the designated urban forest.

The highway is being expanded to accommodate a four-lane highway and a two-lane light rapid transit route.