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Police cracking down on slow drivers in the fast lane

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Police will be out in full force this weekend keeping an eye for anyone caught being a left lane hog

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – If you’re hitting the road this weekend, make sure you stay in the right lane. Police will be handing out tickets, following the province’s announcement to crack down on left lane hogs.

Corporal Ronda Remple with the RCMP’s Traffic Services says warning signs are being posted along major highways, asking you to keep to the right unless you’re turning left or moving for an emergency vehicle. “It’s not about issuing tickets all the time I mean certainly there are certain circumstances where that is appropriate but making sure that the driving public understands that this is new legislation and can be enforced and will be enforced.”

Remple explains it’s not about handing out tickets; it’s about reducing the number of aggressive people who get fed-up with slow drivers. “I don’t want to say that people don’t care but I think sometimes people just really aren’t aware and again it’s up to the police and all the different jurisdictions to go about making sure we educate the public properly on this”

The legislation applies to highways where the speed limit is 80 km and up.

If you’re busted it’s a $167 fine and three penalty points.