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Reaction to Trudeau's environmental platform mixed

File Photo: Justin Trudeau in Ottawa on Jan. 26, 2015. FLICKR/Justin Trudeau

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's environmental platform is drawing praise and criticism

VANCOUVER – Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s environmental platform is drawing praise and criticism from friends and foes.

Trudeau unveiled the platform yesterday in Vancouver.

Among other things, it promises to overhaul the National Energy Board assessment process to include more consultation with aboriginal groups and to increase analysis of greenhouse gas emissions for proposed projects such as pipelines.

ForestEthics Advocacy says some of Trudeau’s proposals are a “good first step,” but argued the N-E-B process would still need to be beefed up further. Greenpeace Canada says it is disappointed with a platform it calls too weak and vague.

The New Democrats say the announcement contained “few details” but borrowed plenty of policies from its own platform.

And, the Conservative party says Trudeau “does not understand” the implications of some of his policies, though it did not mention Trudeau’s plan to revamp the environmental review process.