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Electric car could be the vehicle of the future but it needs help: study

Last Updated Jul 16, 2015 at 6:32 am PST


More than one-third of Canadians want electric cars

Study authors want electric cars to be 20 per cent of vehicle sales by 2030.

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – We’ll be driving a different kind of vehicle in the future according to a new report, but only if there is government support.

The study from SFU says more than one-third of Canadians want electric cars, but there are barriers including a lack of knowledge about vehicles on the market today and a lack of choice. Less than one per cent of vehicle sales in Canada are electric.

“There are about 10 vehicle makes and models that are available to consumers today and consumers want choice. So this is a really big constraint,” says Suzanne Goldberg who worked on the project.

She says the government can help. “It can continue to support consumers in terms of purchasing and making them familiar with the vehicle, so the current purchase subsidy is a great way,” she says. “As well as helping with home infrastructure, especially in multiple unit dwellings. We found over two-thirds of Canadians right now have access, but there are some challenges especially in apartments and townhouses.”

She hopes electric vehicles will grow to more than 20 per cent of vehicle sales by 2030.