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Flood measures being brought in to North Vancouver

(Courtesy Martin MacMahon @martinmacmahon)

Flood prevention measures for North Van set to be built in October

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) –¬†Flood prevention structures are set to be built in North Vancouver after November’s destructive flooding.

All three levels of government will split the 2.5 million dollar bill for the project.

This is an effort to stop the sort of devastation that happened in November when two schools were damaged and many homes were left in need of restoration after mud, logs, and debris clogged culverts on Hastings and Kilmer Creeks.

District of North Vancouver Mayor Richard Walton explains. “The engineering on debris flows attempts to assess the steepness of the land and the length of the creek and determine what that risk is and the build a debris flow basin based on engineering standards that is likely to be able to sustain that quick flow of water and mud.”

The district hopes to begin building these debris racks and basins beginning in October.