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Couple denied disaster relief after home washes away

(Courtesy: Google Maps)

LIKELY (NEWS 1130) – What would you do if your home was instantly wiped out by a natural disaster?

That is what happened to a couple in Likely whose request for disaster relief was denied by the province, and they are now out of options.

The landslide happened July 16th and Dawn Woolsey didn’t see it coming and neither did her in-laws.

“Three-thousand cubic metres of debris washed out the road and my mother and father-in-law’s house.”

After finding out insurance wouldn’t cover it, the couple had to turn to the province for disaster relief. “They really are not willing to help because it was only one house affected and not a bunch, so they’ve decided to pass on the situation, so my mother and father-in-law are left without a house and no funding whatsoever.”

For the time being they’re in a temporary trailer, but are unsure what the future holds. The couple is in their mid 60’s, and Woolsey says replacing their home would cost at least six figures.