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Who loves the Ashley Madison breach? Divorce lawyers!

(Source: AshleyMadison.com)

Divorce lawyer says it doesn't matter if you were cheated on; you won't be able to take your spouse to the cleaners

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Suspicious spouses who’ve found the names of their partners exposed in a massive data breach at the adultery website Ashley Madison are googling local divorce lawyers.

But jilted husbands and wives may be in for a bit of a surprise if they’re looking to punish their soon-to-be “ex” in court.

“The consequences of affairs have very little impact on a resolution of matrimonial affairs, property division, custody issues, support, and that sort of thing,” says Vancouver divorce lawyer Rain Henderson.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you were cheated on; you won’t to be able to take your significant other to the cleaners.

“We get this situation a lot,” Henderson tells NEWS 1130. “People come in and say their spouse has had an affair and they want a divorce and they think they’ll get more money. That’s not going to happen.”

You can thank Canada’s “no-fault” divorce laws for that.

“You can still claim divorce on the grounds of adultery or potentially mental cruelty, but it really doesn’t get you anything anymore. Potentially, you could seek to recover costs from the person who committed the adultery, but we are in such a ‘no fault’ system that the court doesn’t really want to attach blame to one person who has decided to pursue an extra-marital relationship.”

But Henderson says that’s probably not going to stop angry spouses from severing the knot if they find the name, email address, home address and sexual desires of their cheating husband or wife exposed in the Ashley Madison hack.

“It could create a lot of business for us. I think a lot of people will see this as a relationship ender.”