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Back to school fashion and technology a big deal for kids

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Kids entering junior high school feel pressured to keep up with fashion and technology

Junior high school a good time for kids to explore part-time jobs: Psychologist

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Student fashion and gadget awareness has become an increasingly-bigger part of the back-to-school process.

Psychologist Kelly Moroz says the social strain is something that has become even more prevalent in recent years.

“Until you’re with all of the other children there, especially when you get into junior high and beyond, suddenly everybody has grown up a lot over a summer and their coming in with all these different styles that weren’t there before.”

He says one way to deal with those pressures is simply to be aware that they do exist and as a parent, prepare yourself for that reality.

“It just feels like there are certain big ticket items that are very expensive that the kids need to have, at least in their opinion. So around that time I think is where you see parents being more cool with the idea of their kids working part-time and getting a sense of what money means.”

Moroz says that time comes in junior high for most parents and children.