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ICBC says you need comprehensive coverage to claim damage from windstorm

Last Updated Sep 1, 2015 at 11:17 am PDT

(Courtesy Twitter @weathernetwork)

The brutal windstorm this weekend destroyed dozens of cars

ICBC explains what kind of coverage you can expect from your insurance provider

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – What if your car was damaged over the weekend by a fallen branch or the rain and wind?

Adam Grossman with ICBC explains the key insurance coverage that most customers have for events like yesterday and situations such as a tree falling and impacting your vehicle would be comprehensive coverage. “That is typically industry standard for windstorms and falling objects. Comprehensive coverage is one of our optional coverage and customers will or won’t have it with us and they may also have it with another insurance provider.”

“There is a lot of impact that we saw along with everybody else yesterday that actually hasn’t yet been been reported to us and obviously some of that impact is going to be pretty significant. If a whole tree was to fall on a vehicle there is a good chance that vehicle would be a total loss,” he adds.

He suggests customers with questions you can also report your claim on the ICBC website.