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Prepare for a busy transit commute Tuesday

Last Updated Sep 7, 2015 at 2:47 pm PST

(Courtesy TransLink)

Transit will be busy this week as everybody returns to school and work

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – If you are planning on taking a bus or SkyTrain tomorrow be prepared for large crowds as everybody heads back to work and school.

Anne Drennan with the Transit Police says the system will be very busy for the next week. She has some suggestions for a smooth ride. “Know where it is you need to go, what route you need to take, what bus numbers you need to take, what train you need to take and what stops you need to get off at.”

She notes it’s important to be confidant and stay alert to your surroundings. “Make sure you keep all your electronic devices, in particular your cell phones, iPads, and tablets safely stowed away in closed backpacks, tote bags and purses.”

Drennan adds personal hygiene is also very important. “Use deodorant if possible just because we are all so close together and it can be fairly warm. and keep it very light or moderate when you are using any perfumes and colognes because a lot of people have allergies.”

She also suggests avoiding eye contact and moving away from anyone who seems threatening.



1. Plan your journey ahead of time and make sure you appear confident.

2. Stay alert to your surroundings.

3. Refrain from listening to music or wearing headphones while using the transit system (iPods, cell phones and radios will distract you and could make you a potential target).

4. Keep all electronic devices and personal items safely stowed, out of sight in closed backpacks, totebags,purses etc. Be especially vigilant when seated or standing near doors.

5. If placing larger items on the floor during travel, keep the items firmly between your feet, if possible, to maintain control of them.

6. Know where to get help. There are security options on the trains and platforms. Do not worry about using them if you encounter a problem.

7. Quietly move away from anyone you feel is a threat or a problem on the platforms, at the bus loops or on the trains or buses.

8. Look for a Transit Police Officer, Transit Security Officer, a SkyTrain Attendant or an adult if you have a problem or feel threatened. Don’t hesitate to ask for directions or help to find your bus or train.

9. Use Text code 87 77 77 or the Transit Police OnDuty App to discreetly send information regarding non-emergency situations on the bus, train or seabus.

10. Don’t Panic! A Transit Police Officer, Transit Security Officer or SkyTrain Attendant is as close as the next station and will assist you.