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Half of doctors aren't comfortable prescribing medical marijuana: producer

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Thirteen marijuana dispensaries across the country — including a compassion club in Vancouver — have been handed cease and desist letters from Health Canada for illegally advertising the sale of marijuana.

The letter from Health Canada says “the sale and advertising of marijuana is illegal,” and if the dispensaries don’t close their doors, they’ll get a visit from the RCMP.

The latest twist in Canada’s medical pot industry which some feel is riddled with grey areas.

Phillipe Lucas with medical pot producer Tilray admits about 50 percent of doctors still aren’t exactly comfortable prescribing marijuana, But he says that’s changing.

“Out of that 50 per cent, 80 per cent of those doctors would be willing to refer their patients to another doctor who might have more knowledge about the safe and effective use of medical cannabis,” he claims.

“Understand that physicians aren’t really used to dealing with raw cannabis products or natural herbs, typically. So, this is an area where some physicians have a greater level of comfort than others. It may take some patience from you to allow your physician to consider this treatment option,” adds Lucas.

He tells us licensed producers are now working on medical pot in pill or capsule form which may make some doctors more comfortable.