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Fans warned about fake hockey tickets being sold online


Fake hockey tickets starting to surface online

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Be careful if you plan on dishing out the big bucks to catch some live hockey action this upcoming season.

There are already fake tickets making the rounds.

It happens every season.

A deal that’s way too good to be true, but people fall for it and not only do they lose their money, but they miss out on the game.

Evan Kelly with the Better Business Bureau says read the fine print and trust your gut.

“These are very-very in demand tickets, scammers know they are creating a sense of urgency and all of a sudden you get to the arena and the tickets don’t work. People need to be really aware that the scammers are out there and they really need to do their homework before they give their money away.”

Fans are being advised to avoid sites like Craigslist to buy tickets.

The first home game for the Canucks by the way is October 10th against the Calgary Flames.