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Races in newly created election ridings could be heated

Last Updated Sep 22, 2015 at 6:52 am PDT


Population increases resulted in boundary changes and creation of five new ridings in lower mainland

UFV poli-sci expert expects heated races in some new ridings

UFV political scientist predicts Burnaby North-Seymour riding to go to NDP due to pipeline issue

LOWER MAINLAND (NEWS 1130) – You may be voting for a brand new candidate, depending on where you live. The increase in population resulted in boundary changes and the creation of five new ridings in the Lower Mainland.

The new ridings for this election could affect who will win.

University of the Fraser Valley Political Scientist Hamish Telford expects the race in Burnaby North-Seymour to be heated.

It includes a part of Burnaby traditionally held by the NDP and a part of North Van with loyal Tory support, but he says in the end the Conservatives may not win that seat.

“I think there was a supposition that the breaking up of Burnaby North and including a part of Seymour in North Vancouver would be beneficial to the Conservatives, but the Conservatives have made themselves kind of unpopular in the lower mainland. If you think of the Burrard Inlet that runs between Burnaby and Seymour, we’re talking about the potential two or three fold increase in supertanker traffic, that doesn’t make a lot of people happy. I just think for a lot of political issues the tide may have turned against Conservatives.”

Instead, he predicts the seat could go to the NDP.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re sort of a working class union person in North Burnaby or sort of a well to do in Seymour, you don’t want super tankers unnecessarily or any more of them going through the channel there.”

Other new ridings he says to watch out for include Delta, Surrey-Newton, and Vancouver Granville.

“Where you have the real toss up ones are the ones in Surrey and Delta that sort of creates under the electoral dynamics in the new ridings. I think we’ve probably got very competitive ridings out there and it is very difficult to predict how they’re going to turn.”

But he expects the Conservatives to be safe in the Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon riding.