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Umbrella-share service hopes to expand around UBC, Vancouver

Last Updated Sep 25, 2015 at 10:33 am PDT

(Source: facebook.com/umbracity)

UmbraCity was created by UBC grads

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Think of it like Car2Go, but with umbrellas.

With the rainy season now upon us in Vancouver, a new portable parasol service is hoping to keep you dry.

UmbraCity was created by a couple of UBC grads who have installed kiosks in several spots around campus.

“This idea came to us a couple of years ago… I was always the person that has an umbrella when it wasn’t raining and I was in need of an umbrella when it was raining,” says Amir Entezari with UmbraCity.

He notes you need to use a credit card to sign up.

The umbrellas are free for the first 48 hours and then you are charged $2 per day to a maxiumum of $20 — which then means the umbrella is considered purchased.

UmbraCity hopes to expand around UBC and Vancouver.

“My plan is to basically go beyond umbrellas and have this as the platform for rental of other objects, including helmets, portable cell phone chargers, or anything else,” says Entezari.