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Tories dismissing poll on the legalization of marijuana

Last Updated Oct 2, 2015 at 6:22 am PDT

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SURREY (NEWS 1130) – The Conservatives are dismissing a new poll suggesting two thirds of Canadians support the legalization of pot.

The drug remains a prominent issue in the federal election campaign.

How people respond to a poll on pot legalization depends on how the question is framed, according to former Conservative MP Stockwell Day.

“The very thought that in neighbourhoods and at street-corner stores, you’d be able to have fairly easy access to marijuana products — when people are asked that question, it’s not quite the same reaction,” says Day.

“When people realize this huge increase or prevalence of easily available marijuana products… they get a little bit nervous.”

He insists his party’s position to keep the drug illegal won’t cost it votes.

Day spoke to the media at a campaign event related to increased anti-gang funding in Surrey, where local candidate Harprit Singh opened with a shot at Justin Trudeau’s comment earlier this week that he would look to legalize pot right away, if the Liberals form government.