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Polarized election makes it hard to predict outcome: UBC professor

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A number of recent numbers show we are seeing record numbers of people heading to advance polls

UBC Professor Max Cameron says this election is one of the most polarized elections in recent history

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Advance voting numbers are breaking records according to a number of polls from the past couple of days.┬áMany people who have already cast their ballots have made it clear they want to see a change in government, proven by their eagerness to vote.

UBC’s Political Science Professor Max Cameron recognizes the importance of this weekend’s turnout, but the battle continues. “This is probably the most polarized election that we have had in some time. The people who want Harper out are very fervent in that sentiment and Harper’s Conservative government supporters are just as solidly committed.”

Cameron argues the people who have already voted, in what he calls one of the most polarized election in recent history, are decided voters so it is hard to tell if the numbers will be strong come the 19th.

“The people who are firmer in their opinions who are turning out to the opinion polls early, they have made up their minds. They don’t need to wait until October 19th. What will happen October 19th [will be] more [about] what happens with respect to the undecided vote.”

He says Thanksgiving dinner could be a good time for undecided voters to discuss, and decide.