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Harper to spend Sunday campaigning in Abbotsford, strongly Conservative riding

(File Photo)

Stephen Harper is spending his last day of campaigning in Abbotsford

Abbotsford has been being strongly held by the Conservatives since 2006

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – In his last day of campaigning, Stephen Harper is going to spend his time trying to sway voters in Abbotsford. This is raising questions because the riding has been voted Conservative since 2006, with Ed Fast as the MP.

UBC Political Scientist David Moscrop says the move shows Harper is concerned.

“There are traditionally Conservative ridings that might be up for grabs. We’ve seen some of that shake loose and there’s been some redistricting that’s had somewhat of an impact on seat projections and the probability that any single party might win,” says Moscrop. “It is a somewhat defensive move on the part of the Conservatives and it’s certainly indicative of the fact that they’re at best hoping for a minority.”

Incumbent Ed Fast has been MP since 2006 but the riding has always been right leaning.