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Races were close in Burnaby and New Westminster

Last Updated Oct 20, 2015 at 12:15 am PST

(Courtesy The Canadian Press via NEWS1130.com)

New Democrat Kennedy Stewart won by a margin of just 547 votes in Burnaby South

Liberals come out on top in Burnaby-North Seymour

NDP incumbent Peter Julian re-elected in New Westminster-Burnaby

BURNABY/NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS 1130) – Could we see a recount in Burnaby South?

In a riding that was favoured to go NDP, election night wrapped up with a very close race between the Liberals’ Adam Pankratz¬†and New Democrat incumbent Kennedy Stewart. Stewart won by a margin of just 547 votes.

As for the other two races in Burnaby and New Westminster, clear mandates have been given.

In Burnaby-North Seymour — a new riding crossing Burrard Inlet — the race was considered by pollsters too hard to peg down. The riding was won by Liberal Terry Beech.

UBC Political Scientist Max Cameron says at the start, the riding looked like it was going to be a race between the Conservatives and the NDP. In late polling, the Tories were favoured.

“The fact that the Liberal candidate has carried the day I think really suggests that this reflects what’s happened right across the country. It’s been quite a clear shift of voters to the Liberals as the party that they think can bring about change.”

Conservative candidate and former District of North Vancouver councillor Mike Little ended up coming in third, behind the NDP’s Carol Baird-Ellan.

“[There’s] no question that candidates bring a certain amount to the race, but much of this is decided by the national trends and the overall tide here has favoured the Liberals wihout any doubt,” says Cameron.

As expected, NDP incumbent Peter Julian will lead for another four years in New Westminster-Burnaby. And with the New Democrats now fewer in number, Cameron says Julian could gain more power within the party.

“Whoever’s left is going to be carrying the can for the rest of the party to a really substantial degree, so no doubt that it’s going to be a bit of a rump in terms of a comparison to what it was before.”