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Liberal majority could mean changes for Richmond's jet fuel pipeline project

(Courtesy: www.vaporbc.com/)

The Liberals have expressed their disappointment in the project's environmental assessment process

The $100-million project would see jet fuel piped to the airport

RICHMOND (NEWS 1130) – Will a majority Liberal government alter the process of potentially getting a jet fuel pipeline built through Richmond?

Mayor Malcolm Brodie — who is against the proposal — says he went to a couple of all-candidates meetings during the election campaign, and it was clear the Liberal, NDP, and Green candidates all approached the project differently than the Conservatives.

He adds the Liberals in particular talked about their disappointment in the environmental assessment process. “And they indicated that they would take a long look at that to see whether the matter could be re-reviewed to make sure that the process had been reasonable and fair.”

He says the assessment was a harmonized process between the federal and provincial governments. “But the provincial government took the lead on that, and so, that would be one aspect that would have to be looked at to see whether that ended up as an appropriate process.”

The $100-million project would see jet fuel piped to the airport after being unloaded from barges at a storage facility.