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UVic study says we should follow Norway's plans to get more electric cars on the road

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BC can do more to get people to buy electric cars: UVic study

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – How do we get more electric cars on the road?

A study out of the University of Victoria says we should model our system after Norway.

There are a few electric models already on the market and the options are only going to increase.

Tom Pedersen with UVic says it’s all about incentives.

“Well they said let’s make it economically feasible for them. So they said zero tax,” says Pedersen. “No tax, free electricity, I should point out that the charging stations don’t charge for the electricity, free parking, free ferries, free bus lanes, why wouldn’t you buy one?”

Pedersen says all of those are offered in Norway and we could do it too.

In the Scandinavian nation more than 20 per cent of new vehicles sold are electric.