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Some Conservative MPs open to long leadership race into 2017

Last Updated Oct 29, 2015 at 11:13 am PST

(Courtesy facebook.com/cpcpcc)

OTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – Some Conservative MPs are openly pushing to have a very long leadership race to replace Stephen Harper.

A few are even open to the idea of waiting until 2017 to pick a new leader.

The Conservatives will be choosing the second leader their party has ever had. Incoming Ontario MP John Nater says it’s a very important choice to make after the election loss.

“It’s not a decision that we as a party needs to rush into,” he argues. “We need to take our time. We need to explore the options… And we need to give the candidates the opportunity to meet with Canadians in every corner of the country.”

Nater and a few others are open to a leaderhips convention in early 2017, saying a long race will help the party grow its base and bring in new members.

David Tilson, an MP from just outside Toronto, says after the election loss, the party will have a lot of soul-searching to do before picking Harper’s replacement.

“We have to look at a new route because what we did during the election didn’t work out, or we’d still be the government.”

Nater feels a longer race would help the Conservatives rebuild — “to expand our base, to grow our membership numbers, and bring new people into the party.”

The rules of the full race will be decided by party officials. On November 5th, MPs will choose their interim leader to take on the Liberals in the House of Commons.