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Private liquor retailers, unionized workers want recreational pot sold in store

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The groups feel, from their perspective, liquor and marijuana are controlled substances

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government promised to legalize and regulate pot

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – How would you like to buy some recreational pot at the same place you pick up your beer? The unions representing BC liquor retail workers want legalized marijuana to be sold in their stores by as early as next Christmas.

The BC Government and Service Employees’ Union and the BC Private Liquor Store Association announced a partnership to advocate for the sale of recreational pot through the province’s existing alcohol retail system.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised his government will legalize and regulate pot, and BCGEU president Stephanie Smith says when that happens it should be sold in the most socially responsible way possible.

She adds there are legitimate concerns about marijuana being sold to youth and B.C. liquor stores are age-controlled and have a strong track record for checking identification.

Damian Kettlewell of the Private Liquor Association says the unions only want to sell recreational pot, not medical marijuana, so he doesn’t expect their proposal to impact existing medical dispensaries.

“Liquor is a controlled substance and marijuana is the same thing from our perspective from a non-medical perspective, and we’re looking to offer the government assistance.”

He says the federal government should follow in the footsteps of American states that have allowed residents to grow small amounts of marijuana at home for personal use.