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Marijuana dispensary crackdown needs to stop: activist

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A pot advocate wants to see a moratorium on marijuana arrests from the Trudeau government

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The Canadian government is moving forward with legalizing marijuana, but the RCMP is still cracking down on BC dispensaries.

Owner of Cannabis Culture Jodie Emery says now that the pot prohibition is ending, the arrests should stop too.

“Not one more person should be busted for marijuana as we move forward with legalization,” she explains. “They are not only wasting tax dollars that should be used in other ways, they are also saying to Canadians that they don’t care about their opinions and that they are going to enforce outdated laws.”

She wonders why police are still going after companies who are trying to keep marijuana off of the streets. “So they pay their taxes, they offer health-care to their employees and they have security. It isn’t drug dealers running these places. There are so many dispensaries, so much supply, because there is so much demand.”

She would like to see a moratorium on arrests from the Trudeau government.