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Alleged terror threats directed at Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto

Last Updated Dec 10, 2015 at 10:23 pm PDT

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Security alert level not increased in Canada, after threats made to Canadian cities.

According to a European newspaper, a man in a video mentions Vancouver as a potential terrorist target.

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A European newspaper says a new video has surfaced, featuring a man with alleged ISIS ties, talking about a future attacks on Geneva, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Le Matin has published a picture, with the eyes blacked out, of the man behind the threat to the three cities.

The newspaper also says four other men, shown in a separate picture, are plotting attacks against Toronto and Chicago.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says he’ll let Canadians know if there is something to worry about.

“If there is any dimension of this situation that relates to Canada, we will take appropriate steps. At this stage, no new information has been reported to me that change the circumstances,” he says.

“We cannot comment on the situation at the moment. If there is something to put out in the public domain, I certainly will. Our officials are examining all information and any new facts at this moment.”

The RCMP says it is taking the threat seriously. The Vancouver Police Department says it hasn’t received any information suggesting any specific threats related to Vancouver.

Martin Shadwick is a defence analyst with York University and says he understands why Canada hasn’t increased its alert level after this alleged threat.

“If law enforcement and security agencies around the world reacted to every blip on their radar, they would run themselves ragged. They have to establish the credibility of these different reports.”

The validity of such threats, he says, are determined as investigators in many countries gather information.

“International coordination, which you can never put too-high a price on, is absolutely crucial in this post 9-11 age. As much information as possible is shared. You’re tapping into networks that go far beyond what any one country could keep track of.”

Le Matin says the CIA was the first to discover the threat, and passed it on to the Swiss. Reuters says the four men shown in one picture are wanted in connection with the Paris attacks.