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Pot activist concerned about push for you to get marijuana and booze in one place

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'Alcohol more dangerous than cannabis...doing them together can be more dangerous that either one by itself' - activist

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It’s a message we hear all the time: Don’t mix pot with booze.

So what if unionized liquor store workers in BC get their way, and the two end up being sold right beside each other?

One prominent pot activist has some concerns about the push from the BCGEU.

In addition to not mixing the two being the general prevailing wisdom, Dana Larsen with the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries points out many people use pot to stay off of alcohol.

“If we’re going to sell cannabis in liquor stores, I would like to see it in a separate section and with a separate purchase point, so that you don’t have to necessarily combine those things. I’d like to see them separated out as much as possible,” he tells us.

“I do think there needs to be other options for people to be getting their cannabis than only liquor stores, so that those who don’t want those things together, and I think we should have messaging around the idea that we shouldn’t be mixing those substances together. Clearly, alcohol is far more dangerous than cannabis, but doing them together also can be more dangerous than either one by itself. So, I think it’s good to encourage people to not use them together, and putting them in a store where they’re sold side-by-side I think could create some problems in that regard.”

Larsen points out there are multiple ways to get liquor, including stores, pubs, private sales, and brewing at home. He feels there need to be those kind of options for cannabis as well.

The BCGEU and the BC Private Liquor Store Association are pushing for recreational pot to be in both public and private shops.