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Report on Ministry of Children and Family Development calls for minor changes

(Dave White, NEWS 1130 Photo)

BC's opposition isn't confident the province will act on recommendations made in the Plecas report.

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – The Ministry of Children and Family Development needs more funding and some tinkering, but not a major overhaul, according to a new report.

The author of that report who insists tinkering, not a major overhaul, is needed.

Former civil servant Bob Plecas feels $50-million needs to be added to the budget next year, and for 120 new staff to be added immediately.

He suggests the ministry is going in the right direction and only adjustments are needed.

“The system is okay. It needs some structure, it needs some change. It doesn’t need more reorganization and all that, it just needs some real good fine-tuning over a longer period of time,” says Plecas. “Write a strategic plan that combines an operational plan and a financial plan and get the commitment of both the government of the day and the opposition of the day because we do happen to have an election in the middle of that four-year plan.”

Plecas also brought into question the adversarial nature of the relationship between the representative for children and the province, suggesting it undermines the good work the ministry does.

BC’s opposition isn’t confident the province will act on recommendations made in the report.

“I see no evidence, no evidence at all that the premier will take action in this instance,” explains NDP Leader John Horgan. ” On the surface the government claims that they’re going to follow through on that recommendation but it’s critical for people to understand the government has had reports like this year after year after year and have failed to ask upon this.”

The ministry admits it’s not where it needs to be and that much more needs to be done.

It plans to keep Plecas on for another six months to help implement changes.