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What happens to unsold Christmas trees?

Last Updated Dec 14, 2015 at 7:20 am PDT

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Many unsold trees are sent to charities

BC Christmas Tree Council says it's been a banner year for sales

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – From Rockefeller Centre in New York to just about every downtown store window, it wouldn’t be the holiday season without Christmas trees.

But what happens to trees that haven’t found a home yet as the big day draws closer?

Tree lots generally don’t offer discounts as the season winds down, but some do end up sending any extra evergreens to charities.

“That does happen after the 20th of December or after the last weekend is finished,” says Arthur Loewen with the BC Christmas Tree Council.

It’s a nice gesture for those who otherwise couldn’t afford a tree of their own.

Loewen says since there are so many different sellers, it’s up to charities to contact local lots.

“There are places that do that (donate to charity). Some do it one year and not the other. Charities should maybe check with the tree lots. Maybe they’ll find some that want to give them some trees for the needy.”

But it’s hard to say how will be left; Loewen says it’s been a banner year for tree sales so far in BC.