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Local companies team up to replace stolen food bank van in Langley

(Source: facebook.com/SourcesCommunityResourceCentres)

LANGLEY (NEWS 1130) – The Sources Food Bank in Langley has received a surprise donation after falling victim to a series of thefts this holiday season.

Mark Chandler with Newmark Group says his and three other companies teamed up to buy a cube van so the food bank can help those who rely on them.

“I saw the feed on my phone about thieves stealing the one-tonne truck and it bothered me so much. I was driving to work and I said, ‘Heck, someone’s got to do something about this,'” Chandler tells us.

“Everybody was pretty moved. We were happy.. we could help out the community. We’re local developers and we felt good about it.”

The food bank can use that van to pick up donations and deliver them to people in need.