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IHIT on scene of a death in Maple Ridge

Last Updated Dec 19, 2015 at 12:53 pm PDT

(Kenny Mason, NEWS 1130 Photo)

MAPLE RIDGE (NEWS 1130) – There is heavy police presence in Maple Ridge this morning.

The area around 216th and Lougheed has been shut down since about 4 a.m., but police are saying very little about what happened expect to say there was a suspicious death.

There is a car in a nearby parking lot with a tent over it and the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is there.

This woman works at the nearby gas station. “They just recently put a tent over the car, so before the car was exposed and there was a white sheet on top of the car, and then now they’ve just put a tent so that you can’t see anything anymore.”

Neighbours in the area say this part of town is usually quiet, but the same can’t be said for another part of town closeby. “If you go east about half a mile, it gets quite a bit rougher, that’s our, kind of a bit heavier crime area, but we don’t usually get too much major crime, as far as I know.”

Another neighbour says she heard a loud bang last night but wasn’t sure what it was.

We are expecting to get more details from the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team tomorrow.