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About half of Canadians don't know enough about TPP: poll

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As our federal government gets closer to fully committing to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a new poll is showing many of us don’t know a whole lot about the deal.

Shachi Kurl with Angus Reid says despite the fact the TPP has the potential to impact jobs, manufacturing, and trade, nearly half of Canadians say they don’t know enough to decide whether or not they support it.

“That certainly leaves a vacuum, in terms of public opinion, that either opponents or other proponents can come in and basically try to shift or influence public opinion on this.”

Among those who do have an opinion, more support the deal than oppose it.

“More Canadians are inclined to think that the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be good for consumer choices, good for the economy [but] not so good for jobs in Canada and in their sectors.”

The deal still has to be ratified through a vote in Parliament, which could be up to two years down the road. It aims to help investment between a dozen countries in the Pacific Rim.