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Economy is the top issue for Canadians: poll

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The economy is at the top of most Canadians’ minds as the prime minister is set to visit Vancouver for climate talks next week.

Shachi Kurl with Angus Reid says of the 6,000 people asked in a poll, 47 per cent chose the economy as the most important issue in the country.

“That’s not just the… macroeconomy, but also the microeconomy — our home economics — how are we doing with our own personal household finances, day to day? These are things that are keeping Canadians up at night.”

Similar issues, like unemployment and government spending, round out the top five.

“At no point in the last five years have people expressed that they are feeling that their own personal standard of living is worse now than it was a year ago… and that they’re expecting things to be worse for them going forward,” adds Kurl.

The poll also finds three in five Canadians approve of the job Prime Minister Trudeau is doing, which is as high or higher than any other premier.

The majority think the federal government should stick to its campaign promise to run a deficit to help create jobs and growth.

(Source: angusreid.org)