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Vancouver is the best city in North America: survey

(NEWS 1130 Photo)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Vancouver is the best place to live in North America, according to a 2016 Global Quality of Living survey.

Gordon Frost with Mercer’s Canada notes the city ranks fifth on the list, ahead of both Toronto and Montreal. He explains political, social and the economic environment are all factors.

“Medical and health care, schools and education, public services, all the way through to housing and natural environment. Canadian cities score at or near the top, which I think is something to be really proud of.”

But there are a couple of other areas where Vancouver isn’t quite as strong.

“Traffic congestion is more of an issue in Vancouver then it is in say, Auckland or Vienna, although that is where Vancouver comes ahead of somewhere like Toronto for instance,” says Frost.

He notes Vancouver isn’t quite as good from a housing perspective. “The quality of housing is excellent, but the cost is high relative to some of the other cities on the list, and I’m sure that wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone living in Vancouver.”

San Francisco is the top US city on the list, coming in at 28th. The survey is done every year.